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Rat trap by latuff Rat trap by latuff
U.S. soldier trap, I mean...
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N763 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
You should've included a bucket of oil in his hand so we know what set off the trap.
Ali-Babba Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
federicorios1 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2009
Hi from Argentina
7433nd Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2007
i slam the ALL the bullshit stuff about both sides...its a war, im a paid soldier for my country...people die, ive SEEN friends, are a punk, sitting at home drawing crap like this, i get leave, get to come home, and i get greenpeace hippys telling me I'M toblame for some jerk wad politcal figures war? i also come home to see images like if you want to protest thats your damn god given right to do so, but dont you EVER place an american soldier inside you policy bashing, why dont you place some rich white guy in a suit (the ones who make it so our military CANT fight this war because if we had free ROE we could end this really quick like) inside a damn mouse trap and compare him to the likeness of a rat...NOT someone that is fighting, and bleeding for your right to make great art...because thats why i fight, i dont do it for oil or to get my daddy's revenge, i dont do it for the people of other countrys, off them i say, i do it for you, and the next guy. drawing funnies of terrorist is just as bad, and i rant on them just as much,this is a war as i have stated not a comic's playground, your enemy is to be respected...not underplayed as some mad man in a turbin, before you right this off as a personal attack i would like to say i admire you willingness to stand up for what you think is wrong, and i think more people should follow your stand, bring the peoples say back into our goverment, however i would ask that the next time you put an american soldier in your art, you do make him bleed, because i promis you, while every one of us are willing to do it for you, we would rather not do it because of you. as again i have stated i have seen blood i have seen death, i do not want to see those that should be supporting me wishing me ill and comparing me to rats. please feel free to message me, if you care to know more, and once again god bless your willingness to stand up, but damn you for doing it so foolishly
veezyjung Featured By Owner May 30, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
just a note: don't only think of your country's casualties, think of the others as well. iraqis are dying too, you know. and because our defences are in the wrong hands, it's even worse. the U,S, army can't do shit to stop the civil war that's happening right now in iraq. and to think, all the american networks ever talk about is american casualties. what about us? the people you're fighting? we're humans too, you know. living breathing creatures, god's creations. so why not state or casualties as well?

it makes no sence. this whole fucking tragedy makes no sence.

"Well, it's not like the millitry is the reason...they are just the pawns on the front's sad, really"
Osyris, you are a brilliant person for saying that. but some things are.
mono-borracho Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007
wow, everyone thought the fundamentalist Islamic reaction to the Danish cartoons was over the top, but try and make a cartoon against the U.S. of A and watch the knives come out...
funny that the people most saturated by television lies and government misinformation are the ones who say you shouldn't dare draw cartoons based on media reports and 'no proof'...
metinakin Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2006
asylumseaker Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2003
does moxy have you on devwatch? im gunna do an experiment and see if moxys devwatch people are all political artists and that will proove his what ever the word is for that.
osyris Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2003
Well, it's not like the millitry is the reason...they are just the pawns on the front's sad, really. :( (Sad) Oh for the day Bush is removed from office. And if you don't beleive're not working hard enough on the solution!!
moxy Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003   Writer
yes. oil. because that's why the united states is waging war. spending far more money than we could make on the iraqi oil. again, your work makes zero sense and the people who follow you are morons. i love the way latuff makes these drawings, and then has no proof at all to back them up with. pure anti american propoganda.
eriuphoenix Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2005
Maybe it's anti war, dipshit.
nesluap Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003
excellent. the blood adds effect.
lwl Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
He wonders what was the bait....
It started with an "o"...
Obese Gals?
Or Maybe OIL?
And macabre...
macabre is show corpses as trophys, kill children, bomb towns, assasinate 14 years-old, 55 missiles to take a house (imagine if the police, bad motherfuckers on their own, use those methods to take houses).
It supossed to be!

Keep up the good work!
phoenixdk Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2003
I wonder what the bait was... he seems to have gobbled it up now. A bit macabre AND political for my taste.
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