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Suicide bombman 1 by latuff Suicide bombman 1 by latuff
The birth of a Palestinian suicide bomb man.
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jaakobou Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2006
1. the word "occupation" lost it's meanning when arafat rejected barak's offer and the palestinans chose to try to kill all the jews in "palestine".

here's a documentry about it:

"relentless" - zipped

0) [link]
1) [link]
2) [link]
3) [link]
4) [link]
5) [link]
6) [link]

you need to download all 7 files [each one is about 50MB], and then put them in the same folder and extract the movie [350MB] from the head ZIP file.

2. you'd be surprised to learn that between 1845 and 1948 jews purchased huge amounts of land legally .. from arab land owners.

here's a book about it:
[link] on-Jewish-Settlement-1878-1948/dp/0878559647

"The most strikingly false claim that this book refutes is that unarmed Jews somehow wandered into the Levant from 1878 to 1948 in order to steal land from helpless, heavily armed Arabs. The book spends a great deal of time showing how the Jews actually purchased land, dunam by dunam, at high prices. And it explicitly names fifty major Arab nationalists, public figures, who sold significant amounts of land to the Jews." - Reviewer: Jill Malter.

i'm planning on making a few vids about it - made contact with a guy that scans images from that era.. here's a land purchasing deed from 1910:


- it's sad how some people get caught up in some "resistance jihad" hatespeech concept [1920+] and subsequesntly lose their homes.. kinda what happened to hizbullah suppoerters these days.
mfunky Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003
but sometimes it is!!!
0sumgame Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2003   Writer
Yes.. but it should be added that violence will not solve the problem.. this is why some people will become a sucide bomber.. but is it not sad that this person instead did not decide to use peaceful protest.. Gandi defeated the most powerful nation in the world this way.. violence is not the answer.
Ernesto-Che-Guevara Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2006   Writer
I am sick of cowards that always point to Gandhi, there were circumstances that gave him success. Even Gandhi agreed to support the UK in anyway to overpower Hitler. Violence is not an answer, but it is an option. Without the option you are just a slave to your masters. Only when the masters fear death will they talk in good faith.
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June 8, 2003
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